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Hall of Party members’ political life

Hall of Party members’ political life

Cover a total area of 600m2, and divided into 4 halls and 1 room.
i.e., situation education hall, Party character education hall, Party member assembly hall, multimedia gall and Party member activity room.

Situation education hall

Used to carry out situation task education immediately on Party members based on Party situation, national situation and enterprise condition.

Party character education hall

Used to carry out ideal and belief education and theoretical knowledge education on Party members.

Party member assembly hall

Mainly used to meet various branches’ needs to hold three meetings and one class, ensure organization life of Party members. Moreover, it serves as a command center of systematical Party member service team, Party member pioneer team and youth shock team of the group.

Multimedia hall

Mainly used to carry out thematic publicity and education in real time with multimedia display screen according to stage arrangement of the central, Party group of State Grid Company and Party committee of the group company.

Party member activity room

Mainly used in Party members’ oath on joining a party, organizing middle-sized meeting and centralized learning, and holding political birthday activities of Party members.

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Luneng Brand Center

Luneng Brand Center

Covering a total of 900m2, Luneng Brand Center is a concentrated display of enterprise development concept and development results of Luneng Group. It is divided into exhibition area of enterprise development concept, holographic key project display area, Luneng resort experience area, video studio and smart life experience area of Huawei.

It fully demonstrates the five major development concepts of Luneng Group: actively responding to the national call and practicing “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, and measures and results of providing the publics with high-quality products and better life.

Based on a three-dimensional holographic sand table, machine with an electronic touch screen, 3D ring screen projection, Top Gear racing automobiles, live-action spinning, somatosensory ski machine with an intelligent giant screen, etc.,  the experience center vividly displays international leisure lifestyle advocated by Luneng Group.

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