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China Tourism News: Luneng Group: Ecology-Priority for green development

Posted by:Luneng GroupSource:China Tourism News

  n the brand release activity in Baishan City by Luneng Group on September 20th, its innovational performance of its travelling products of "ice & snow", "custom" and "forest" as 3 major symbols of Changbai Mountain won popularity from the audience. This Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountain program has been advocating harmony between human and nature in its developing since the location selection until its operation. As a complex of leisure, recreation, ecological protection and cultural tourism, this program is an epitome of the Luneng Group's strategy of "Ecology-Priority for green development".

During the 13th 5-Year Plan, Luneng Group has paved an environmental friendly path of development with its own characteristic, which harmoniously balances economical, ecological and social effects.

Make ecological friendliness be the "gene" of an enterprise

State-owned enterprises, as the key participators of Chinese economic and social development are obliged to set a model to illustrate the Central Committee of the Party's deep concern of ecological civilization construction since the 18th CPC National Congress. Luneng Group, who has chosen the green development to follow the times' tendency, to shoulder its social responsibility and to innovate, has set a referable sample with its practice for enterprises' environment friendly development.

Luneng Group published its product strategy in 2015 to lead an international leisure way of life, consisted of five aspects of "ecology, health, sports, recreation, science & technology", which is recognized as a key tune of its environment friendly development. Its developing strategy of "ecology priority for green development" is ensured again in 2016. The Group has developed ecological product lines of Lueneng Resort, Beautiful Countryside etc. in the industries of ecological agriculture and tourism, clean energy with a thorough consideration of strategic and constructional planning and green development of living culture.

Luneng Group took the 47th Earth Day of 2016 as an opportunity to carry on a series of Green Homeland actions for over 1 month with the subject of "4•22 Beautiful Earth• Beautiful Home". An environmental friendly developing strategy was published on the Earth Day, illustrating its decision to be a pioneer in the environmental real estate field.

On September 23 this year, Luneng Group and the public welfare organization for green environmental protection--GPAFS jointly founded the green development think-tank research institute "Luneng Green Development Research Institute" which was expected to provide technology and intelligence support on green development for Luneng Group.

The relevant officers of Luneng Group expressed in the news conference that Luneng Group has been devoted to becoming the industrial model in ecological restoration and biodiversity protection, and has gained a lot of valuable experience. In the future, taking the research institute as the platform, the group will integrate the resources and cooperate effortlessly to make the achievements of green development better benefit the people's livelihood and the society.

The news conference also published the developmental goals of the research institute in the near future. It will launch ecological projects in six aspects including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei green ecological development, restoration of ecological animals and plants and water ecology for cultural tourism project, wetland restoration, countryside ecological agricultural development, Jiuzhaigou Luneng Resort ecology and Tibetan culture protection to promote the deepening and implementation of the concept of "ecology first, green development" of Luneng Group.

Build green cultural tourism products to coexist with nature in harmony

The related officer of Luneng Group said that the green development concept of Luneng Group was not only of profound foundation but also of mutual promotion with the green practice of the Luneng real estate projects to form a positive cycle.

Luneng Resort is the cultural tourism product line built by Luneng Group based on five major dimensions of "ecology, health, sport, recreation and technology" as well as one of the key development directions of Luneng Group in the future. At present, Changbai Mountain, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Thousand-island Lake, Wenchang of Hainan and many other tourism destinations are all in the plan. All thee cultural tourism projects are built with the concept of "develop in mild form and focus on experience" to protect the local natural environment and original culture at most.

Jiuzhaigou Luneng Resort is reasonably and effectively developed based on the principle of "greening in construction, protection in development, maximum restoration." For example, animal passages are built in the section where animals come and prevent segmentation on the animal habitat; try the best to bypass significant ecological domains such as forest, wetland and prairie. The group also invited biologists to conduct field survey on the biological diversity and calculate the ecological carrying capacity of the whole area. Different types of recreation experience activities are set under the precondition of not exceeding the ecological carrying capacity of the base.

The development vision of Luneng Resort of Changbai Mountain is to "build sustainable developmental international ecological resort base" with the core of ecological tourism. To realize the sustainable development, the project has established three principles: brand new tour concept of environmental friendliness, natural experience method of delight and education and project development mode of low consumption and low disturbance. To protect the forest resources, Luneng Group made out certain area and space in the base with high ecological-sensitive zone as ecological protection area which would not be explored or utilized. Based on the current ecological conditions, Luneng also conducted ecological restoration and increased the biological diversity of the base to improve the ecological value. For the area with relatively low environment sensitivity, Luneng set forest exploration and other low-disturbance projects. What is worth mentioning is that in the process of design ski field, Luneng Group adjusted the designs for a lot of times based on the actual terrain. With the precondition of not damaging the mountain or the forest, it grasped the balance between environmental protection and skiing experience and did not cut a single tree to practice the responsibility as a central enterprise.

Wenchang Shanhaitian Luneng Resort is located at Tonggu Mountain which is at the southeast corner of Wenchang, Hainan. A large natural mangrove forest is distributed in Baoling River Wetland in the area. "The private fishpond dam built without permission stopped the intersection of the fresh water and salt water of the wetland and changed the ecological environment that mangrove forest relied for existence. Therefore, a lot of mangrove forest disappeared and the ecological system depending on mangrove forest is facing the crisis." This was the environmental situation which Luneng faced when it marched the local place. How to decrease the influence and damage on the ecological environment in the process of project development, to realize the balance and win-win of project development and ecological environment protection is a new issue which must be solved.

After the entering, Luneng assisted Wenchang city to formulate the ecological restoration plan of the Baolinghe Wetland Park ad tried to restore the local ecological system. The vision of Wenchang people is to restore the complete biologic chain which is gathered with mangrove forest wetland, alga, fish, insects and over 200 kinds of birds, and to build the only mangrove forest wetland park integrated with mountains and marine resources in China.

"The project team spent over half a year and set over 1,000 observations spots to find the water environment which is most suitable for mangrove forest by water level measurement. In the meantime, for the fishponds blocking the exchange of currents, the team buried three blind pipes underground to concentrate all the water in the area and then control the fishpond water level by flow dividers. In addition, the team connected the neighboring fishponds to conduct water dredge, which greatly decreased the water pollution and improved the living environment of mangrove forest." Said the related officers of Wenchang Luneng Group.

"The green development strategy of Luneng Group is not just a theory. It is something integrated in the blood of Luneng. Take every project as the "key point" for green development and all the key points will be gathered to be a plane. and that is the "beautiful earth" we are pursuing together". Said the related officers of Luneng Group.