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Tencent: Luneng Group was awarded “2016 Valuable Real Estate Enterprise”.

Posted by:Luneng GroupSource:Tencent


“The 6th Chinese Valuable Real Estate Annual Meeting and 2016 Presentation of Chinese Urban Value White Paper” was conducted in Chengdu on December 21. Relying on a series of measures like strategic adjustment and enterprise transformation, Luneng Group was awarded “2016 Valuable Real Estate Enterprise” in the list of Chinese valuable real estate enterprises.

Luneng Group reported that its annual sales have reached RMB60 billion and completed annual target in advance as of December 10. Year-on-year growth rate is 200% from RMB20.2 billion in 2015 to RMB60+ billion in 2016. Growth rate of sales was ranked the first among TOP 100 real estate enterprises. 

Experts pointed out, rapid growth of Luneng Group is heavily dependent on innovative development strategy of enterprise, urban layout and integrated marketing strategy. In 2016, on the basis of research of innovative product, layout of commercial real estate, real estates in cultural tourism, sports, health and science, beautiful village, large composite real estate, Luneng Group aims at constructing ecological chain of international leisure life and promoting transformation and upgrading from ordinary enterprise to pan-industry real estate developer. Tightly upholding strategic layout of “three cities and one district”, Luneng Group will incorporate key economic development region, progressively perfect nationwide strategy, and guaranty rapid increase of performance. In addition, golden opportunities of “world earth day” and “first launch of long march No. 7”, more efforts will be made to intensify marketing and improve brand value.

As sales performance increases rapidly, Luneng Group also masters national policy and devotes to supply-front reform. Being pioneer of the industry, Luneng works hard to implement “green development”, “the Belt and Road”, “healthy China” and others in 2016. Several product lines advocating green, ecology and health are promoted to guide consumption in cultural tourism, sports, health and pension industry. Luneng Group also indicated that they will persist in innovation-driven industrial upgrading, new pattern of industrial development and new transformation of life style. Meantime, life style centering on ecological protection, green development and green life will be under development.

It is well-known that the “list of Chinese valuable real estate enterprises” is emphasized and created by National Business Daily for consecutive six years. Its objectivity, authority and credibility have been recognized widely in the industry. Sponsor remarked that “this winner list is not only a conclusion for a certain stage but also a new start. We hope this list will encourage excellent local enterprises, projects and agencies to boost urban value and development and forge ahead.”