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Luneng Group builds a new party construction platform and base--Politic Life House for party members

Posted by:Source:Luneng Group

Multi-media screen simultaneously popularizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , Wechat group by the party branch for scheduling on line, the "Party Building Studies" task''''''''s monthly list...all hi-tech party building forms are attractive in the Political Activities Center for Party Members of Luneng Group. According to related introduction, the Political Activities Center for Party Members is forged as the main platform for party building in state-owned enterprises by Luneng Group in full use of internet technology. Over 50 Party members'''''''' studies and activities have taken place within this center.  

Related staff in Luneng Group say that the Political Activities Center for Party Members''''''''s coming into use can supply a new platform for party members and the company leaders to conduct their education and cultural activities.  

Four halls and one room are offered inside the center

With a total area of 1240m2, the Political Activities Center for Party Members of Luneng Group is divided into 2 halves of Political Center (the Hall of Glorious Luneng) and Staff Activity Center (the Hall of Beautiful Luneng).

Four halls and one room are concluded in the Political Activities Center for Party Members in order to normalize and institutionalize the "Party Building Studies", which are Situation Education Hall, Party spirit Education Hall, Party Members'''''''' Conference Hall, Multimedia Hall and Party Members'''''''' Activity Room.  

Staff Activity Center is a culture center of Luneng Group to enrich its staff''''''''s cultural activities and cultivate the brand of Beautiful Luneng. The center satisfies the Party building and cultural activities'''''''' needs as well as the requirement of popularizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Meanwhile, with a state-owned enterprise tradition of party building, it adopts internet technology and informationized means to satisfy the needs to carry on work under a new social circumstance.  

"Party Members'''''''' Three Conferences and One Lecture" is assigned with specialized site.

Political Activities Center for Party Members has become a major platform for Luneng Group to enforce its party members'''''''' education and standardize their activities, as it is an effective action of Luneng Group''''''''s Party Committee to realize the strategy of the Party Committee of the State Grid of "follow the spirit, and mount for higher goals in 3 years".  

Take the Situation Education Hall as an example, and it is exhibiting the Luneng Group''''''''s new actions insisting "lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets" with combination of education and the company''''''''s reality since the implementing of "Party Building Studies". Vivid description is available about the research and creation of 7 major products series and how the new resource industry is developed.  

Party Members'''''''' Conference Hall is for all Party branches to carry on "Party Members'''''''' Three Conferences and One Lecture", guaranteeing a qualified organization activity for Party members. Records of organization activity for Party members of all branches of Luneng Group, notes of " Party Building Studies" are both available here. Transparent supervision makes the Partial activity more standard. Education planning and completeness are assured by listing the monthly tasks of "Party Building Studies".  

In Multimedia Hall, the staff showed a multi-screen exhibition of one-key-switch. "Graphic report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", "13 Key Points of Revising the Party''''''''s Constitution", "Political Birthday of a Party Member" and other series of theme propagandas are easy to follow and understand.  

Cutting edge technologies and innovations are seen everywhere in the hall, where a Wechat group based on the internet and mobile terminal is communicating with, scheduling, supervising and guiding as many as 142 Party branches.

Besides, exhibiting boards on the wall, books and newspapers in the hall, even the drawings and photos of the staff could be linked to the "Hall of Digitized Life" simply by scanning the two-dimension codes on them.

According to the introduction, the "Hall of Digitized Life" is not confined in space or time for it utilizes photos, words, three-dimension models to supplement and further exhibit key items, which satisfies its staff''''''''s need who are not on site.

Display of Party members'''''''' achievements

Tough task books from 142 Party branches of Luneng Group can be seen arrayed in the Party Members'''''''' Conference Hall, which were signed in the subjected activity of "Welcoming the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party · China-Uphill tasks to complete 920-Party branches in action" in September, when all branches were active in adopting uphill tasks, which has realized the breakthrough of some key and major tasks.  

39 Party Member Servicing Teams, 53 Party Member Pioneers Teams, 62 Youth Shock Brigades are active in the Luneng Group. Team flags and uniforms of 3 teams, flag conferring videos on display are the vivid examples of Luneng Group''''''''s "Further Building of Three Teams". As models, these three teams have been active in customers service, emergency treatment, disaster easing, etc., making themselves perfect models and pioneers for the young.