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Luneng Group was ranked 15th place of the “Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2017”

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At the “Research Achievement Presentation for Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2017” jointly conducted by three research institutes, including Enterprise Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, Real Estate Research Institute of Tsinghua University and China Index Academy on March 16, Luneng Group was ranked 15th place of the “Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2017” with explosive performance growth. Comparing with the last year, Luneng Group moves up 16 places and firstly becomes a member of TOP20.  

Guided by strategy of State Grid, Luneng Group recently upholds “five development principles” and devotes to supply-front reform to continuously optimize strategic layout, improve product innovation and brand cooperation. With rapid speed of development, overall performance growths of 2015 and 2016 have been raised three times successively. Relying on sales performance of RMB64.67 billion in 2016, Luneng Group was ranked the 18th among Chinese real estate enterprises and surpassed other enterprises in growth rate. Meanwhile, the group also was awarded several honors such as “Top 10 Brand Value of Chinese State-owned Real Estate Enterprises in 2016” and “Top 10 Chinese Green Real Estate Enterprises in 2016”, etc. 2015 annual sales performance is exceeded within 60 days in 2017, which also testifies double acceptance from the industry and market.

At the presentation, Luneng Group is awarded the first prize of the “Top 10 Growth of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises in 2017” and Chinese Outstanding Enterprise of Distinctive Real Estate Operation—Green Real Estate in 2017”. Taishan Vacation Club subordinate to Luneng Group is hailed as “Outstanding Enterprise of Asset-light Operation”.