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Development of Pan-industry Real Estate

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  In this new economy, enterprises have to make adjustment and transformation to become stronger. For real estate enterprises, a new era has commenced, where development strategy, growth momentum, market pattern, policy trend, and so on have undergone dramatic change. Under the circumstance, many housing enterprises are actively seeking the road for transformation. In terms of the direction and methods of transformation, Luneng Group has delivered its unique answers.  

  Recently, Luneng Group has announced latest corporate positioning, namely to create a “pan-industry real estate developer”, expand industrial real estate, and realize the diversification of product functions, which signifies the initiation of property transformation by Luneng Group. 

  Innovation of Development Concept

  “The keen sensitivity of national policy and economic situation as well as profound understanding of industrial development has translated into the rapid development of Luneng Group in recent years”, according to an insider. 

  The central government has put forward "supply-side reform" requiring the focusing on the enhancement of supply-side structural reform, improvement of supply quality and efficiency, and strengthening of the drivers for sustainable economic power. Supply-side reform starts from production and supply side and aims to create 4.0 projects with the orientation in consumption upgrade. 

  Committed to supply-side reform, Luneng has, in a timely manner, adjusted development path and defined strategic positioning as the developer of pan-industry real estate. Industrial real estate in conventional sense refers to the property development pattern which deems office building, supporting residential, commercial leisure, and R & D and production houses as objects, real estate as carrier, and maker space as representation. 

  As one comprehensive property development pattern relying on the development of real estate and promoting regional economy through multi-form integration and industrial chain integration, the concept of pan-industry real estate development has expanded both the intension and extension of industrial real estate. 

  Related officials of Luneng Group have introduced pan-industry real estate as a comprehensive pattern consisting of multiple property forms and relying on associated industries. 

  Under the guidance of the strategic positioning as pan-industry real estate developer, Luneng Group has announced the layout of seven product ranges, including commercial real estate, cultural and tourism real estate, sports real estate, health real estate, technical real estate, beautiful country, and large-scale composite real estate and covering commerce, culture and tourism, sports, health, technology, and so on. Thereupon, the upstream and downstream of industrial chain can be completed each other, constituting an industrial cluster based on the platform of real estate development. For instance, the product line of beautiful country theming agricultural leisure has not only created micro-vacation travelling and residential destinations available within short time limit but also incorporated scientific, educational, environmental, cultural, and other content, creating a refreshing agricultural lifestyle. 

  Meanwhile, Luneng Group will integrate the concept of "ecology, health, sports, entertainment, and technology" into product development, create comprehensive and systematic industrial and living space under the guidance of related industries, construct a complete international casual living eco-chain, and form clustering and diffusion effects through multi-business integration and multi-element cooperation, bringing sustainable favorable influence on the environment, ecology, culture, etc.   within the project scope and promoting regional society and economy. 

  Promotion of Consumption Upgrade

  With the further promotion of supply-side reform, a new wave of consumption upgrade has approached. The transformation in consumers from seeking living space to operating and enjoying life signals that the traditional consumption of survival and materials has to be replaced by a new consumption of development and services. Industrial insiders believe that the demands in real estate market stimulate the quality and quantity of supply side, triggering the transformation from products of fundamental guarantee to products oriented in consumption. 

  sold like hot cakes. A person affiliated with Luneng Group disclosed, “we want to popularize sports through this product line, bring sports into communities, and provide citizens with a greener, healthier, and simpler lifestyle.” In closely accordance with the call of the central government for the construction of “Beautiful China and Beautiful Country”, Luneng Beautiful Country has satisfied the pursuit of idyllic life full of mountains, rivers, and lingering nostalgia. The first launch, Lingxiu Manor will create an all-in-one agricultural leisure resort integrating education, business, vacation, tourism, presentation of agricultural technical products, and agricultural fairyland.  

  Based on the study of the health real estate in Holland, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries, Luneng Group has put forward the view of Happiness and Family through combining globally-advanced concept of provision for happy seniors and Chinese traditional idea about family and deemed them as the core concept for the construction and operation of Luneng’s health real estate. The completed brand, Taishan Luneng No.9 Series have satisfied the thirst for leisure, security, residence, education, and worthiness available to the elderly through the provision of five functions, including leisure sports, medical care and health maintenance, cultural learning, interactive innovation, and comfortable residence for the elderly and will become the role model for Chinese elderly care. 

  Leading Industrial Transformation 

  As a responsible central enterprise, Luneng Group has been highly consistent with national development strategy, incorporated Green Development, Healthy China, Sports Power, Technical Innovation, and Beautiful China into the development of pan-industry real estate, and made those elements rooted into the seven product ranges, leading the innovative direction of industrial development.

  After the reorganization of property business sections against the backdrop of supply-side reform, the seven product lines have clarified the change in thought from traditional real estate to pan-industry real estate. Luneng has given priority to professionalism over real estate realized various property forms on the basis of the seven product lines, including residential housing, commerce, tourism, health, agriculture, sports, and science, and gradually completed the layout reflecting the concept of pan-industry real estate.

  In 2016, Luneng actively practiced national strategies including "Green Development", "The Belt and Road" and "Healthy China", and input intensive dedications to major areas and products, and acted according to circumstances, which has gradually generated favorable effects. Under the premise of clarified targets, paths, and methods, Luneng firmly believes that the strategic adjustment towards pan-industry real estate is an innovation orientated in requirement from consumers. Those in-depth, extensive, insistent, and transformative elements have laid solid foundation for the development of pan-industry real estate.